Intuitive, fast and

Nothing more, nothing less than a wallet to do whatever you want.

You can do anything. Really. Receive, send, make a swap, make a crosschain transfer, have the details of a token, interact with any App, manage your approvals...
Reunit Wallet was designed to help you let you decide exactly what you want to do.
Isn't that the real interest of cryptocurrencies?

Our partners are the best. Like our users.

No need to describe them, you already know them. Our users place their trust in us, and we will be forever grateful to them for that.
Number of users,
and that's just the beginning

Send and receive the same amount
from one chain to another

Receive 1 REUNI for
every $100 in volume

Less, is more

Caring deeply about our users, we've crafted Reunit Wallet to be effortlessly simple and widely accessible. Experience the remarkable outcome firsthand.

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Main view
Transaction simulation
dApp connection
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What to expect in 2024?

We have been continuously enhancing our features. Major upcoming events for the year include the launch of the mobile application and a debit card, integration of a new blockchains, incorporation of AI to assist in asset management, and the introduction of $REUNI staking.

We are also secretly and actively working on projects with various leading partners, which will directly benefit $REUNI holders in the future.
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