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Reunit Wallet
Your all-in-one omnichain wallet
Try now Reunit Wallet, and start to discover a brand new web3 experience.
Chain abstraction, CEX experience with our trading terminal,
bulk transfers, and really more...
What make us so different ?
We have innovative features that make us a
unique and useful wallet.
Rabby Metamask Reunit
Support OFT Token
Bulk transfer
Transaction simulation
Hardware wallet
Trading terminal
Swap / Market orders
Limit orders
We never stop building
Our mission is to continually improve our product
in order to make decentralization simple.
Read our roadmap
Tokenomics of $REUNI
Built with the best
We scrupulously select our partners in order to offer a simple,
fast, reliable and complete experience.

Trading terminal
Track & Trade more than 10,000 tokens
What you see is what you trade.

Market orders
Instantly buy any token at the best possible price

Limit orders
Buy when you want, at the price you want, without paying any fees.

7 chains supported
Trade on the main blockchains, namely: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom.
Virtual & Physical debit card

We are actively working to enable our users to obtain a physical debit card linked to their cryptocurrency wallet. We estimate its arrival during the first half of 2024. If you would like to be kept informed when it arrives, do not hesitate to subscribe to our waiting list :
Join the waiting list
Compatible with Ledger Wallet

We take your security very seriously.
This is why, in addition to systematically asking for your password in order to decrypt your wallet on the fly and never storing your private key in plain text even temporarily, we have integrated Ledger Wallet, which we consider to be the best cold wallet in the world.
Reunit Wallet
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