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Reunit Pay
Get a physical / virtual bank card and make bank transfers
Top up from any token & 7 chains thanks to LayerZero
Connect and pay with Apple Pay & Google Pay
Withdraw and spend everywhere

+3,650 USDC
Total purchasing power
Unlock your purchasing power
Bridge then pay on any dApp

Your favorite dApps are now omnichain.
Previously, you had to own the exact amount of tokens you want to spend on the same blockchain your favorite dApp is present on.
Now, with Reunit Wallet, you will be able to reunit your tokens from 7 blockchains in a single click and execute any transaction, fully unlocking your purchasing power.

You will be able to use all tokens supported by Stargate protocol ( USDT, USDT, DAI, ETH... ) , as well as OFT tokens.

Trade all tokens, without limits, on the top 7 chains

Thanks to the power of TradingView, and our partnerships with 1Inch, DexGuru, CoinMarketCap and others, you can buy and sell any token, on any blockchain, while trading like a pro with an interface copying your favorites CEX !

The more you trade on Reunit, the more rewards you will receive! You can also participate in the leaderboard, and become the most profitable trader on Reunit Wallet!
Available Q4 2023...

We protect your privacy
We didn't, we don't, and we will never collect your data


Ready to build

You already own a dApp ? Or do you want to adapt your favorite dApp for our dApp Store ? It's easy ! Let's talk : hello@everywhere.finance
Web3 by definition

You can connect to any decentralized application thanks to WalletConnect.
We have developed a unique library for fast and smooth rendering!

Reunit Wallet never stores your private keys in clear!
Each transaction, each signature requires your password to decrypt your private key on the fly without ever exposing it !
We have built, we are building, and we will build.

Reunit Wallet has been constantly evolving since the launch of the beta version.
We learn a lot from user feedback, and how they use and want to use Reunit.
We are also adapting to an increasingly strict regulatory framework in order
to evolve in a healthy way.
Read our new roadmap now, and discover our medium-term objectives!

  • Transfer OFT ( Omnichain Fungible Tokens ) to any chain
  • Trading
  • Hardware Wallet support
  • Private transaction & Enhanced privacy
  • A dApp store with a whole new user experience

Reunit Wallet
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Privacy policy : Everywhere Services LTD built the Reunit Wallet app as an Open Source app. This SERVICE is provided by Everywhere Global Services Limited at no cost and is intended for use as is. Information Collection and Use : We do not collect any information about you, whether it is your wallet or information allowing your identification such as the IP address, the type of computer you use, your language etc..